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ESProto One Kit

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The ESProto One … the easiest way to prototype your projects using ESP8266 modules!  This prototyping solution is designed to support the popular ESP-07 and ESP-12 modules that fit the ESP-12F form factor.  This version of the kit includes all of the parts shown, including an  ESP-12F FCC-Certified module.

The ESProto One Kit comes un-assembled and includes electronic parts and circuit board for one prototyping board complete with an ESP-12F, programming button, pull-up resistor, and a full set of headers.

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Product Description

Most of the ESP8266 module boards on the market are designed to allow you to prototype, but require a breadboard for your additional components.  The ESProto One can be used with a breadboard also, and takes this a step further allowing to build complete projects on the ESProto One itself!

Now you can design your ESP8266 projects, and then create complete solutions in the added prototyping space on the board.  With 14 separate 1×3 (0.1″ / 2.54mm) prototyping areas, and three complete sets of ESP IO connections you can choose what headers to install, and where to place your components.  Moving from your breadboard design to a finished project couldn’t be easier!

The ESProto One kit includes an ESP-12F FCC-Certified module (with it’s own socket and pins for easy changing), 5vdc to 3.3vdc buck regulator, push button, pull up resistor, and a full set of headers for you to choose from.

Features include:

  • ESP-12F FCC Certified Module
  • Support for ESP-07/ESP-12 Form Factor Modules
  • 6-pin TTL serial header for programming
  • Programming Button (GPIO 0 with pull up)
  • Jumpers for proper setting of pins for booting (GPIO 2 & GPIO 15)
  • 3 prototyping connections for each I/O pin
  • Integrated voltage regulator support w/ buck regulator
  • 14 1×3 prototyping areas for other components

The kit comes ready to assemble with standard soldering tools.

To upload sketches or other programs to your ESProto One, you will need a USB-to-Serial programmer which is not included.  Check out our CP2104 Programmer!

Coming soon!

File Downloads & Links
There are many great links for the ESP8266 modules, and many places to get information, software examples, and project examples.

Directly Programming the ESP8266

Arduino related links
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Arduino Software and IDE:
Arduino Core for the ESP8266:

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Dimensions 4.25 x 2.5 x .25 in

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