Prototyping and Development Boards for the ESP8266 Family

ESProto One

Meet the ESProto One … the easiest way to prototype your projects using the ESP8266 modules!  This prototyping solution is designed to support any of the AI Thinker modules that fit the ESP-12F form factor.  We will soon be offering the ESProto One as a kit, complete with the AI Thinker ESP-12F FCC-Certified module.

Features include:

  • Support for ESP8266 Modules by AI Thinker
  • 6-pin TTL serial header for programming
  • Programming Button
  • Jumpers for proper setting of pins for booting
  • 3 prototyping connections for each I/O pin
  • Integrated voltage regulator support
  • Multiple prototyping areas for other components

UPDATE!  You can buy an ESProto One now!  Click Here!

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